My Sparsh Foundation

Who we are?

My Sparsh Foundation and Sparsh Seva Sansthan are the same and registered non-governmental organizations committed to creating positive change in India. We have been working since 2015. My Sparsh Foundation is a non government organization, registered under the company Act 2013 and building on our past endeavors in Banswara, Rajasthan. It is set up to tackle the different types of problems, especially regarding children, disabled and women. We work for children's education, health, human rights, women's rights, skill development, status, entrepreneurship, Stress Management, disaster management, women empowerment, financial improvement of poor people through different types of projects. Also we invite other NGOs and individuals who are willing to change the good in society, they can raise the fund for the change they want.

Our Vision

A society where every person can change lives with their own touch. SPARSH's vision is TO HELP PEOPLE, to be the primary support and platform for the poor people in rural areas to make them better in their status.

Our Mission

Our aim is to make poor people better status; to accomplish this we are working on:

  • To be a support to children in need for their studies.

  • To provide skills to women so they can help financially in their home

  • To provide better education for children in government schools.

  • To provide support to disabled in their skill development.

  • To provide food or Medicine to men or women living alone.

  • To provide scholarships or financial help to the poor in rural areas for their development.

  • To raise voice against exploitation, injustice and corruption if found against any individual or class.

  • To educate people for adopting good norms to be good citizens and to work for spreading good ideas for nationality.

  • To help and generate training programmes for self employment and adult education.

  • To cooperate in environmental improvement by planting.

  • To provide help to get health and nutrition services to women and children.

  • To preservation of old scripture and historical places.

  • To run camps of Yoga and stress management.

  • To work for the uplifting of the poor.

  • To work for women empowerment.

Our Directors

Mala Jain


Our Volunteers

Swati Jain


Rajendra Damor


Mayur Panchal


Krishna Rathore


Barkha Joshi


Hasmukh Joshi


Sarang Shukla